Commercial, Entertainment & Hospitality Projects

Saudi French Bank - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Saudi French Bank  - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Successful two-phase design competition for the 20,000 square meter Eastern Province Headquarters for Saudi French Bank.... more

perspective drawing for McClintock Plaza - San Diego, California

McClintock Plaza  - San Diego, California

Provided full design services for remodeling a circa 1920's warehouse recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.... more

interior detail view of Dorring Associates Office

Dorring Associates Office  - San Diego, California

Furnished full design services for Dorring Associates headquarters office.... more

exterior view of Second and Upas Office Renovation

Office Renovation & Alterations  - San Diego, California

Provided the detailed design services for a 106 year old craftsman landmark in San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood.... more

interior detail view of B Street Offices

B Street Offices  - San Diego, California

Supplied full design services to convert a timber framed, circa late 1800's foundry into commercial office suites.... more

interior detail view of Tarbox Galleries

Tarbox Galleries  - San Diego, California

Furnished full design services for the 1,000 square foot art gallery in San Diego's Downtown waterfront.... more

Dorr Office Building

Dorr Office Building Renovation  - Winter Haven, Florida

Provided full design services to convert a timber framed, circa mid-1800's, masonry ice-house into commercial offices.... more

exterior drawing of SONY Centre

SONY Centre  - Berlin, Germany

Furnished schematic design services for SONY Musik Box in Berlin, Germany.... more

interior view of Rainwaters Restaurant

Rainwaters Restaurant  - San Diego, California

Supplied full design services for Rainwaters Restaurant, an award-wining 'chop house' located at San Diego's Downtown waterfront.... more

interior view of Pacifica Grille Restaurant

Pacifica Grille Restaurant  - San Diego, California

Provided full design services for the Pacifica Grille restaurant located in San Diego's waterfront.... more

Additional Commercial, Entertainment & Hospitality Projects

View a list of other commercial, entertainment & hospitality projects supported by Beresford Architects.... more